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Kemon: Bellessere Oil


Beauty nectar for all types of hair. Protects the shaft with an ultra-light film that adds a silky soft feel and provides frizz control without weighing down. Makes it possible to create personalised rituals to round off and enhance Actyva treatments at the salon.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan.


Oils have been part of the beauty treatment world from its earliest. beginnings.From the Far East to the Mediterranean, they have been used on the skin and hair as valuable ingredients in beauty rituals for their antioxidant, emollient and protective properties. Drawing inspiration from the use of oils in the Mediterranean beauty rituals, ACTYVA created BELLESSERE: a line of multifunctional products with a base of argan and flax oils designed for the daily care of hair and body. These versatile, bare-bones products are perfect for the whole family and have a delicate scent that engages the senses. They leave the skin gently protected and velvety, and hair healthy, soft and with a brilliant shine.

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125ml, 50ml


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