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Kemon: Equilibrio Shampoo


Cleanses deeply, removing excess sebum from the scalp. Provides proper nutrition to dried out, sensitised midshafts, leaving them soft and easy to comb. Used regularly, it helps to maintain the balance of the acid mantle.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan.
Additionally, its packaging is made of Polietilene Green.

Directions for use

Apply to the hairline in sections.
Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top of the head.
Massage with a slow, light circular motion.
Emulsify, rinse and towel dry.
Repeat if necessary.
Provide the shampoo ritual as illustrated and described in the rituals manual.


DIAGNOSIS: Scalps with excessive sebaceous secretion.

NEED: Remove deep excess sebum and absorb unpleasant odours from the scalp.
Gradually rebalance the hydrolipidic mantle.


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